The City of Keene’s Massive Cluster of Wipes Clogs Sewer System

The city of Keene, NY has experienced a sustained dilemma with the all-too-familiar wipe, causing blockages in the sewer system. In recent years, the city has seen an increase in the use of flushable wipes which has subsequently placed a hardship on the treatment facility. While this epidemic is not necessarily a new problem, the amount used has greatly increased within the past several years. While many brands are labeled as flushable, they do not dissolve as toilet paper does. The are labeled with this redeeming quality due to a passing score on a test that requires wipes to begin to

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SUNY’s Solar Safety and Scholarships

Many New York State University campuses are adding solar capacity to their energy portfolio. While this is clearly a positive step overall, it does present some potential problems for responding fire departments. Photovoltaic (PV) panels (which generate electricity directly from sunlight via an electronic process that occurs naturally in certain types of material) can present a potential hazard due to the sun’s energy turning into electrical energy. It is often difficult to power down the solar panels during an emergency. When there is sunlight or fire fighter lighting present, the panels will stir up electricity. Because the panels may not

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Benefits of Renewable Energy for Ithaca

The Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility now generates nearly half its energy on site. The plant uses an upgraded biogas for energy and serves a population of 40,000 in Ithaca and two neighboring townships. Biogas is produced when bacteria decompose manure. This gas mixture can be used to generate heat, hot water or electricity. The leftover digested manure also has many uses such as: fertilizer, bedding, mulch and potting soil. New York has also been pivotal in establishing a Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy which takes many agencies into account. Unlike NYS infrastructure agencies and authorities, local governments are not directly

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