Upstate NY Plans Extensive Upgrades to Storm Water Systems

Particular cities in upstate New York have had similar, as well as, troubling issues with their sewer systems. The dilemmas range from flooding- which has led to overflowing sewers, damaged homes and property, as well as unsafe roadways. Such is the unfortunate case in Lake Ontario’s southern edge, as the flooding has been more aggressive than usual, even temporarily closing businesses. The Lake, in recent weeks, has surged more than two feet high, sustained record breaking levels, and covered more than a hundred miles of coastline. In Greece, NY there have been the same concerns. A playground, several yards, and

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Approved Funding for Water Infrastructure Improvements

Good news New York!!  Hot off the press- Governor Cuomo has authorized $26.3 million in interest free loans and grants to revitalize water infrastructure initiatives throughout the state. The funding will be dispersed to municipalities through 2017. The upcoming projects will include Dutchess and Warren County initiatives, along with several other counties. Poughkeepsie will receive $11,663,000, including a $2 million grant and a $9,663,000 interest-free loan to replace an aging 5 million gallon water storage reservoir that was constructed in the 1920s, as well as to replace aged, undersized water mains. $4,545,364, including a $1,058,438 grant and a $3,486,926 interest-free

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