Construction Causing Delays in Sewer Project

Earlier this year, the Lake Placid village board announced that the sewer lines beneath Main Street would be replaced and updated to protect a nearby lake from sewage leaks. There was a concern of a slight delay due to construction, but the major sewer project is now underway in Lake Placid, New York.

The work and improvements, which the village has needed for years, consists of three phases. Firstly and already completed, a sewer line running underneath the High Peaks Resort and Lake House hotel was replaced and positioned higher in the ground so it would flow easily into a larger main pipe. This eliminated the need for a lift station, which would have pumped sewage upward and let gravity take it from there. The second part is lining a series of lateral lines from buildings along Main Street and the lake waterfront. Perma-Liner™ specializes in this method of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation. The trenchless work will cause minimal traffic issues. Lastly, the project will replace a sewer line that runs under the High Peaks Resort and the Lake House and down Main Street to Mid’s Park. This would require digging, cause traffic changes and possibly eliminate street parking in the area.

The work should be complete by the end of May or first of June.

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