New York City Designs Retention Tanks for Sewer Overflows

The City of New York is currently working on a design for two combined sewage and storm water overflow (CSO) retention tanks and securing functionality of locations for the tanks to be installed. One of the areas the city is evaluating for the eight million gallon retention tank is the New York City location, known as the “Head-of-Canal”. Locations for staging and other work related to the construction will be acquired by New York City as part of the ongoing design phase of the project. The location meets the dual goals of cleaning up the canal while also protecting urban parkland. The cleanup includes dredging contaminated sediment that has accumulated on the bottom of the canal as a result of industrial and sewer discharges. The cleanup plan is part the construction of the two sewage and storm water retention tanks for the purpose of significantly reducing CSO discharges from two key locations in the upper portion of the canal. Without these procedures, CSO discharges would re-contaminate the canal after its cleanup.

The canal design work is expected to continue for another two years, including the start of full-scale cleanup construction at the top of the canal in 2018.  Interestingly, the cleanup plan’s earliest consideration for the location of the larger tank was Thomas Greene Park. The Department of Sanitation salt storage lot, located at 2nd Avenue and 5th Street will be the location for the smaller tank in the middle of the canal. This tank has a capacity of four million gallons. The larger tank’s location was changed, from its originally planned location, to the Head-of-Canal. The City will begin preparing for the installation of the tanks, including removal of contaminated soil. Additionally, the City plans to work concurrently on a tank design for a possible Thomas Greene Park location. Thomas Greene Park serves both as a memorial to a dedicated community leader and a place of rest and recreation for people of all ages.

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