Sewer Project Turned Down by Residents

Sewer Project Turned Down by Residents

A sewer project that would have been very beneficial to the area was recently voted against. The project would have connected more than 450 homes along the six-mile Connetquot River to an updated sewer system. The cost was going to be $26.4 million.

The project had significant costs but was going to be 100 percent fully funded by federal and state grants. This didn’t come without a downside though. Residential homes would add an additional $119 on average to their bills per year.

Suffolk County isn’t the only place with these issues. Another community voted to sewer almost 2,770 homes and businesses along the Forge River costing $191.3 in grant funding. This project includes the construction of a new sewage treatment plant.

Babylon also passed a similar project using $140.2 million in grant money to connect more than 2,800 homes to sewers.

The grants stem from Hurricane Sandy to repair communities negatively affected by it.

While many were surprised the project was voted against, others were not and they’ll all move on until sewer projects become a necessity.