DEC’s Best Practices for Managing Combined Sewer Overflows

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) enforces the combined sewer overflow requirements under the Wet Weather Water Quality Act of 2000. The DEC has developed 15 Best Management Practices. The Best Management Practices are technology-based controls, designed to implement operation and maintenance procedures, utilize the existing treatment facility and collection system to the maximum extent practicable, and implement sewer design, replacement and drainage planning, to maximize pollutant capture and minimize water quality impacts from combined sewer overflows.  The general permit requirements for these practices include:  CSO Maintenance and inspection, maximum use of collection system for storage, a wet weather operating

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Rainy Season and Sewer Drainage Systems

Many of us are experiencing a rainy season now that summer is in full swing.  Along with the sunny delights and fanfare this time of year brings, there is also a need to think about the proper functioning of our drainage systems where we live.  It is important to know to what extent a drainage issue is prevalent.  In order to do this, a qualified fully licensed professional is needed for drain pipe cleaning. This will also maximize your awareness of the health of the pipelines in your home.  Here are a few suggestions when seeking the help of an

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