Upstate NY Plans Extensive Upgrades to Storm Water Systems

Particular cities in upstate New York have had similar, as well as, troubling issues with their sewer systems. The dilemmas range from flooding- which has led to overflowing sewers, damaged homes and property, as well as unsafe roadways. Such is the unfortunate case in Lake Ontario’s southern edge, as the flooding has been more aggressive than usual, even temporarily closing businesses. The Lake, in recent weeks, has surged more than two feet high, sustained record breaking levels, and covered more than a hundred miles of coastline.

In Greece, NY there have been the same concerns. A playground, several yards, and roads have all been submerged from storms. Construction crews have been evident throughout the town, with many repairs taking place. The floods have activated the pumping station, in an attempt to hold back the water. In other areas of New York, cities are approving infrastructure upgrade projects. Staten Island has recently completed a project to ease the flooding on the South Shore. Additionally, nearly 100 homes were newly connected to the city sewer systems during construction; discontinuing the use of septic tanks. The improvement process included construction of catch basins and storm sewers, as very few streets were equipped with tools to prevent roadway flooding during heavy rainstorms.

Niagara Falls has also had its share of excessive rain, amounting to incidents of sewer discharges. Here, the excessive rain has also contributed to beach closures and warnings due to contaminants found in the water. Recently, the city completed a slip lining project to rehabilitate the sewer system, bringing the sewer pipelines up to an improved standard.

Interesting fact: did you know that Niagara Falls supplies power to 8 million people? A portion of the water is diverted to provide power for the United States and Canada, making Niagara Falls the largest source of electric power in the world. Yowza!