Upstate NY Plans Extensive Upgrades to Storm Water Systems

Particular cities in upstate New York have had similar, as well as, troubling issues with their sewer systems. The dilemmas range from flooding- which has led to overflowing sewers, damaged homes and property, as well as unsafe roadways. Such is the unfortunate case in Lake Ontario’s southern edge, as the flooding has been more aggressive than usual, even temporarily closing businesses. The Lake, in recent weeks, has surged more than two feet high, sustained record breaking levels, and covered more than a hundred miles of coastline. In Greece, NY there have been the same concerns. A playground, several yards, and

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The City of Keene’s Massive Cluster of Wipes Clogs Sewer System

The city of Keene, NY has experienced a sustained dilemma with the all-too-familiar wipe, causing blockages in the sewer system. In recent years, the city has seen an increase in the use of flushable wipes which has subsequently placed a hardship on the treatment facility. While this epidemic is not necessarily a new problem, the amount used has greatly increased within the past several years. While many brands are labeled as flushable, they do not dissolve as toilet paper does. The are labeled with this redeeming quality due to a passing score on a test that requires wipes to begin to

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Mohawk River Water and Sediment Monitoring

Protection and improvement of water quality in the Mohawk River watershed is essential to keep the community protected from unhealthy, unsafe conditions. It’s also important that water supplies are conserved, aquatic communities can flourish and natural processes are sustained. Water quality monitoring in the Mohawk River Basin has been conducted for over 40 years.  Surface water quality is assessed by means of chemical, biological, and physical parameters. Water quality assessment can identify which contaminants are present, their sources, and the extent to which they affect the health of the watershed. The headwaters of the Mohawk River are located in the

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